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At I DO, we love our work and we pour our heart and soul into every wedding we are invited to work on. As one of the biggest wedding companies in Melbourne, we are also the only company that provides a One-stop service. We have the skills and experience, as well as the highly motivated professional staff, to provide you with full-service destination event planning and design. Our flexibility, practicality and attention to detail enable us to create personalised events that are imbued with spirit, grace and style.

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We understand every wedding is unique. We strongly believe that listening to our clients, understanding your needs and paying very close attention to detail are vital elements in delivering the best services and helping you to have the most successful wedding. I DO offers a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day make up. Melbourne wedding arrangements are where we excel. We have an experienced professional team that is full of enthusiasm and we are committed to doing all we can to ensure every client's experience is nothing short of perfect. We have special expertise in Chinese wedding photography. We have an understanding of traditional, social and cultural aspects with a specialised Chinese wedding photographer who is able to work well with these events. We also have skilled cinematographers who are able to capture your event with quality digital video imagery. We have shown that we have the capacity to document the story and capture the essence of a Melbourne wedding with film. If this sounds like what you need for that very special day, please have a look through our portfolio for ideas on how your wedding day could look. Call us and we will help you create your dream wedding so that it can be embedded into beautiful Memories forever.

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If you are looking for leading wedding photography in Melbourne, we bring a level of creative professionalism that ensures a successful result.